#9 – Ask / Ask for / Ask about/ Ask (someone) to

Don’t say: «I asked to my boss…»
Say: «I asked my boss…»

Never use a preposition between «ask» and the person you are asking.
When you want an object, you can use ask for + object:
· I asked for a hamburger.
· I asked my boss for a raise.

When you want general information, you can use ask about:
· I asked about her family.
· She asked me about my job.

When you want specific information, you can use ask + (question word):
· I asked how much the camera cost.
· Let’s ask what time the theater opens.

· One moment – I’m on the phone asking my brother where we can park the car.

Finally, when you want somebody to do something, you can use ask (someone) to:
· I asked him to turn off the lights.
· Martha asked me not to use her computer.
· We’re going to ask the teacher to help us.

· ASK (FOR) A FAVOUR (UK) / FAVOR (US). (Pedir un favor)
Can I ask you a favour?  Or  Can I ask you for a favor?    Either of them are in use.