1.   «Game over»  (game ouvvva) = Fin de la partida
2.   I am over 50 years old, but still young.
3.   Over the fireplace.                                                                                   
Ex.: Hang the mirror over the fireplace
4.   Over the wall.                                                                                             
Ex.: Throw the ball over the ball
5.   Over 1.000 people = more than 1.000 people…
6.   It’s over: Ha terminado                                                                             Ex.: Is the film over?
7.   Over and Over again                                                                            
Ex.: Do it over and over again until it’s perfect
8.   All over the world: Por todo el mundo  (= Worldwide)                     Ex.: There are weird people all over the world
9.   Over there    
Ex.: Your keys are over there, on the table.


1.    Do you want to come over? Are you coming over for dinner?
       What time is she coming over?
       I can’t come over! I’m going to Elisabeth’s
2.    To mine / Do you want to come over to mine for dinner?
3.    To John’s / Do you want to come over to John’s?